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  • Happy Halloween!

    Posted by: Reece Warren - 31/10/2017

    Phew! I've been quite busy over the past month! I apologise in advance for not getting a blog post out more frequently for you all, but here I am! I want to start off this post by talking about my recent graduation! Last July, I successfuly achieved my Higher National Diploma in Creative Media Production (Computer Games Design). Last Friday was my graduation event and this was such a lovely day, hosted in the Sheffield Cathedral. Considering it's the first graduation I've had, it's a strange feeling of wearing robes, you feel a true sense of accomplishment. It's a day that will probably stick by me for the rest of my days.

    Me and my best friend walking through Sheffield in our gowns.

    In other news, my projects at university are well underway now. I am currently working on re-mastering a game environment from the game Penumbra: Overture, I'm also working on another project where I have to focus my artistic flare towards one specialised area of game design. For me, this choice is plant life and organic modeling. 3D sculpting is also something which I have not previously had the opportunity to learn. Taking into account that this can be an invaluable skill for working in a game design studio, it is something that I wanted to get stuck into.

    In my spare time, I'm also still working on my new 2D game project Xodusse along with XorDev. We want to get a lot of bugs patched out in the newest build and add more gameplay elements in preparation for next month's Ga-Ma-Yo event, which I am really looking forward too! In the mean time though, it's an adios, so I hope you all have a happy Halloween! I also hope to see you again around here soon!