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    Posted by: Reece Warren - 27/08/2017

    This week has been rather eventful to say in the least for me. Sadly after my trip to Norway to see a relative a few weeks ago, one of my great uncles passed away shortly after getting back home. Whilst I have been trying to stay strong over the matter, it has been getting me down occasionally because I was one of the last people to see him alive and well on the way home, before things took a turn for the worst. Either way, I'm pretty sure that he did enjoy the trip with me, and that eases my mind quite considerably.

    Aside from the upsetting news, on the first Tuesday of every month there is a local meet-up for independent game developers in Sheffield called Shindig. Shindig happens in a pub inside Sheffield's town centre called The Old Queens Head, and although the meet-up has existed for quite a few years, the role for the event's organisation has changed hands. Since this has happened and because I am a part of Shindig, I suggested that the group's website Shindigdev.com should be updated, because a lot of the content on the site is outdated. I then got offered the responsibility of updating the website, due to my prior knowledge of programming websites. For this reason, I'm now responsible for updating some of the group's online presence!

    Considering that much of the website hasn't been updated in many years, it does make me happy to see some life being put back into one of Sheffield's creative consolidates. This is partly because I want Sheffield to become more well known as a place of creative endeavours.