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  • My trip to Norway.

    Posted by: Reece Warren - 16/08/2017

    It's actually been about two weeks since I last created a post on my new blog, and in the mean time I have been rather busy. Last week I ended up experimenting with writing DLL's for GameMaker: Studio with C++. I have wanted to get more into writing C++ code for a while now and I felt that writing DLL's for GameMaker would be a good place to start, because I'm actually writing the code with a final objective. The issue I've had in the past with learning new programming languages is that if I don't have some kind of final result to achieve, I often find the learning process to be much harder.

    Anyway, one night I was a little bored after having worked on my new game project (Xodusse) for the entire day, I started browsing GameMaker: Studio's "obsolete" functions. I noticed that the previous version of GameMaker actually had support for use of the disk drive, but this feature was removed because it was only functional with Windows opperating systems, and who the hell actually uses CD's these days? Quite surprisingly, me! I still have an optical drive inside my computer and after staring at an obsolete function on my screen. I thought to myself, this will not be obsolete on my watch. So I spent about an hour late at night coding a small DLL that opens the CD tray whenever it is called, and actually (hillariously) managed to get the program to function. You can see my monstrosity of a program in a tweet on my Twitter profile.

    In other news, last friday I went to Norway to visit my uncle that lives there, I stayed for the entire weekend and came back this Monday. I had an amazing time, getting back to being surrounded by nothing but nature. I ended up having a barbeque at my uncle's cabin in the wilderness, overlooking many of the Norwegian fjords.

    The river where I went fishing near my uncle's cabin.