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  • I'm updating my portfolio!

    Posted by: Reece Warren - 29/07/2017

    Hello again everyone! I just wanted to provide you all with a short and sweet update as to what I've been up to over the past few days. Obviously I've been rather busy with setting up my website, but now that it's live I've been taking a bit of a chill.

    What I have been doing in the mean time however is starting to work on my portfolio and getting to grips with a few software packages that I need to learn before I start university. The first of which is Autodesk 3DS Max. Although I'm quite comptetent in Maya at this current time, I do ideally need to atleast learn how to create basic models with the software becuase it is the primary package used at my university. They do allow people to use Maya, but I do think that it would be of a wise benefit to learn a little bit about both packages.

    The other software package I have on my list to learn is Z-Brush. Z-Brush will be useful to use because it's used for 3D sculpting, I'll most likely be using it to create character designs and other game assets. I recently modelled a grand fireplace design with Maya for a new game environment I'm working on, but I've been advsed by a friend to import the model into Z-Brush to sculpt damage and cracks into the mesh.