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  • Welcome to my new website!

    Posted by: Reece Warren - 12/07/2017

    So after a long and enduring two months, my new website has finally come to fruition! During the last two months I have learned so many things about web development, diving into tutorials covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and even a tiny amount of PHP! Whilst I did know a substantial amount of CSS before I started developing my new site (due to the fact that I customized my pervious website theme), compared to the things that I have had to research for building a website from scratch, basic knowledge of CSS was nothing!

    The reason I decided to switch web hosts was because my previous website hosting provider didn't provide the features I need as a game developer. The best way of explaining the process I have gone through from my point of view, is that if you are a control freak that wants to host a website, is willing to learn a lot of things, and also has a lot of patience, then this is something you definitely need to do yourself.

    I have now switched web hosts to one which gives me full FTP file access and complete freedom (with regards to features such as e-mail, web accounts and all the good stuff). There are now endless possibilities for me on my website, including online HTML games! So, let this be a new beginning for my website and all of my wonderful readers, and let's look forward to many wonderful things to come!

    Because I have had the responsibility of developing my website from the ground up (including all HTML content, styling and scripts), there are still some areas on my website which are currently under development. (This includes unique pages for my game projects, specific features for mobile functionality and other miscellaneous features.) I plan to have these features implemented into my website within the next two weeks, but depending on my work-load this is currently un-confirmed.

    Since I have developed this website myself, I have also decided to take on the responsibility of another website called Shindig. This is a small social group for game developers in the Sheffield area, and as of this week I will be developing a new website for this small social group. For now though, may I wish all of my readers the best, and adios!